The Realtor Brand Blueprint:

Branding strategy for the modern agent

The comprehensive online course you need to establish your brand as a realtor

Are you ready to take the real estate world by storm and establish yourself as the go-to agent in your market? Introducing my comprehensive online course, "The Realtor Brand Blueprint: Branding Strategy for the Modern Agent" – your ultimate guide to crafting a powerful and irresistible brand!

In today's fast-paced real estate landscape, standing out is no longer an option – it's a necessity. This course is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to build a brand that not only attracts clients but leaves a lasting impression.

Unlock Your Real Estate Success: The Realtor Brand Blueprint Course!

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Yes, this is me!

Are you are struggling to attract your dream clients in your region?

Do you feel a disconnect between how you show up as a real estate agent and who you truly are?

Are you stuck in what to post on social media that will actually convert your clients, isn't cheesy, and doesn't sound like every other agent out there?

Are you frustrated working with clients who drain you and aren't a good fit?

Are you desiring additional income streams beyond your realtor income, but unsure if it can or how to make it work together?

If you said yes to any of these, then this course is for you!

Can you relate?

Here's what you can expect to gain from The Realtor Brand BluePrint course

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Craft Your Unique Brand Identity

Dive deep into discovering your authentic self as an agent. Uncover your core values, vision, and passions, and learn how to infuse these into your brand to create a compelling story that resonates with your audience.


Build for Longevity and Consider Diversity

Learn how to create a client experience that wows your clients, creating trust and confidence resulting in a long-term client relationship. Discover ways that you can diversify your brand to allow for multiple income streams as a realtor. 


Master Your Branding Visuals

Discover how to develop a captivating visual identity that is aligned with your brand, what the branding visual basics are that you need, and how to DIY or hire in the right areas to propel your brand to success.



Overcome limiting mindsets by embracing growth and abundance in building your brand and business. Your willingness to address your beliefs will help you break free from the status quo and discover your unique brand identity so that you can move forward with clarity to build the business and life of your dreams.


Grow Your Business with Confidence

Equipped with your personalized brand blueprint, you'll have the roadmap to success in your hands. Watch as your brand presence grows, your client base expands, and your business flourishes with every strategic move you make.

Do you feel like you’re just getting by with your current brand? Join "The Realtor Brand Blueprint" course and transform your real estate career into a thriving, standout success story. Enroll now and start building the brand that propels you to the top of your market!

Secure your spot today and take the next step on your journey to real estate branding excellence!

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Course workbook to guide you through the course action steps and a final realtor brand blueprint that you can use to guide all your future marketing efforts.

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What branding is and how it affects your ability to attract and retain clients. Which brand structure is right for you.

How to write an authentic and compelling mission statement, vision statement, and core values.

How to determine and develop your brand personality and brand voice.

Direction for ways that you can diversify your income within your realtor brand.

How to craft a memorable experience your clients will rave about.

What is needed to create stand-out foundational visuals for your brand.

Join me in the course

Hi, I'm Jenna Shriver. I build successful brands through brand education, strategy, mentoring, consulting, & brand photography in Maryland, Tampa, FL & beyond.

I've worked with many realtors to help them establish authentic personal and team brands through education, brand strategy, brand consulting, and brand photography. 

I've loved the challenge of helping realtors create a unique brand in an industry that the service provided is very similar across the board. 

Throughout my years and experience I've discovered a tried and true method for brand strategy that will work for anyone. 

I'd love to share my expertise with you to help you grow your real estate brand and business to be the brand and business of your dreams!


If you have any questions about whether this course is the right fit for you, email me at with subject line "Realtor Course".

"[My biggest takeaway from your branding education was] how to filter marketing ideas and plans/goals to be sure I am in line with my values."
- Teresa D.

"Jenna is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to branding. People (myself included) generally think they understand what branding really is when in reality they are barely scratching the surface."
- Brandon S.

"[After learning from you about branding, I am most excited about] actually implementing my ideas into something. I have plenty of ideas but get unfocused and never finish the things that I start."
- Cathy G.


The Realtor Brand Blueprint course will help you establish an authentic brand to unlock your full potential as a realtor and grow the business and life of your dreams.
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